jeudi 3 décembre 2015

* October - Palm Coast *

I know I've been out of my blog, but I was a little bit busy. I'll try to work on it.

Last October, I visited my Grandparents in Florida. They live in Palm Coast, which is near Daytona.
Here are some pictures from my trip.



St Augustin

Palm Coast - Flager Beach


Hope you've enjoyed it :)
J-C Lynn

* Christmas movies *

Hi everyone,

I don't know about you guys, but when come November I have to resist not watching Christmas movies. Once the 1th of December, I'm finally allowing me to watch them.

Here I my top five. 

I'm not going to lie, they are classics but I just love them.

Love Actually
The best way to start December.

Bridget Jones Diary
We all have a Daniel Cleaver in our life.

Miracle on 34th Street
The perfect Christmas movie to make you believe in miracle.

Home Alone : Lost in New York
Because, Harry has reached the top!

Home Alone

If you want to spice it all a little the Hallmark Christmas movies are quite cute, even do they will never top my top 5.

What are your favourite Christmas movies?

J-C Lynn

* Wish List #17 *

Another month ...
Another wish list!

J-C Lynn

lundi 7 septembre 2015

* Fan Girl *

This summer when the 3dr season of Orange Is The New Black came out, I didn't jump on it to watch it as I did for the first and second season. 

Finally, in the beginning of August, I finally began to watch it and it only took me 3 days to watch all 13 episodes.

Once Stella Carlin (Aka Ruby Rose) was on it, I couldn't stop watching it..

Sadly, the season had to came to an end, and met no more Ruby Rose:(

That meant, I had to know a little bit more about her.

Usually, I'm a really a girly girl, I love makeup, flowers, clothes, boys. But I don't know why, I've been bosses with her. I love her edgier side and what she's fighting for.

Go check the season 3 of OTNB

* Wish List #15 *

1. Lana Del Rey : Born to die - Vinyl
2. H&M top
3. Sleek by 3 - Santa Marina
4. Tanya Burr - Hollywood Eye Palette
5. H&M Jeans
6. Eylure - Fleur de Force - Simply Fleur
7. H&M skirt
8. H&M Earing
9. Maybelline New York - ColorSensational Lipcolor  - Pleasure me red
10. Topshop - Hybird Long Sleeve Shirt

* September *


lundi 6 juillet 2015

* Wish List #13 *

1. Estée Lauder : Kendall Jenner Lipstick
2. John Green : Paper Towns
3. H&M : Dress
4. Primark : T-shirt
5. Nars : Duo blush/bronzer
6. H&M : Jeans
7. American Eagle :  Sneakers
8. Wildfox : Weather
9. Nyx : Liquid illuminator

Here are the items I have my eyes on. I'm not going to lie I already made some orders.

It my be summer and my wish list isn't very summery, but I'm quite mono tone and already have must of the thing I want :)

Have a nice week,
J-C Lynn