vendredi 30 mai 2014

* What's in my everyday makeup bag *

Hi everyone,

Today I'm back with a new blog post " What's in my everyday makeup bag ". I thought it would be nice to share with you guys what I always have with me.

I've been wearing makeup since I was 14 years old and I'm 25 now. For 10 years, I think that I've worn the same "style", but for a couple years, I've been trying to mix up thing.

I'm an OT student, so I spend most of my time in hospital, rehabilitation center our retirement home. That means I can't go over the top with my makeup.
Usually what I put in my makeup bag, are the items I choose to put on in the morning. 

Make-up bag : Primark - 4€
For my skin, I bring my Maybelline Baby Skin - Instant pore eraser,my Rimmel Wake Me Up concealer in classic beige, and my pounder is the Rimmel Stay Matte in transparent. On my check, I wear a very small amount of the Bourgois Blush Exclusif.
For my eyes, I have my mascara, the Maybelline The Rocket Volum' Express in brown (usually I don't wear black during the daytime and while I'm on a internship), a brown eye pencil from Occitane and a white to bright my eyes from 2B. I also bring a small palette Beige/Brown just for touch up if needed.
And for my lips, I always have a lip balm, and these days I'm using the Maybelline Baby Lips Hydrate which is in my opinion amazing. It moisturized my lips like nothing else. I also bring my Rimmel Lasting Finish by Kate Moss in the color 101, a nice soft pink.
What about you guys, what are your essentials to have in your makeup bag? 

Mine can change when I want to spice thing up but this is basically what I have with me during my internships.

See you,
J-C Lynn

jeudi 29 mai 2014

* MuSiK * Ed Sheeran : All of The Stars

Hi everyone,

Something you may not know about me is that I'm a huge fan of Ed Sheeran. The first song I've ever heard from him was " Small Bump " and I've been sold since.

A couple months ago, he began to do the promo for his new album ("X") who's coming out on the 23 of June. For a couple weeks, he dropped every Friday new songs. And oh boy, one of his new song made my day.

The song is called " All Of The Stars ", and it's AMAZING. I can't stop listening to it without crying.
He wrote this song for the upcoming movie " The Fault In Our Stars ", who's based on John Green's book. I've ordered the book, so once I'm finished with my finals, I'm reading this book and then I'm going to the movies.
Here's the video, hoping that you will enjoy it as much as I do every time I'm listening to it :)

See you,
J-C Lynn

lundi 26 mai 2014

* Alex and Ani *

Hi guys,

Last Christmas, I've received two gold bangles Alex and Ani. I've never been a big jewelry person, so when I got then I didn't really care for them. They were really cute but I was just not into them, but one thing hit me. 
On the box you could read " Made in America With Love ", so by curiosity I went and checked their site. I began to read " the story " of company and I felt in love.
So when my Mom went to the US for two weeks, I couldn't resist to ask her to bring me some back and she did (what a lovely Mommy), a silver ring & bangle and a gold bangle. 

As of now I have :
- a ring : Illumination
- 4 bangles : Blue zircon (I'm born in December), Hummingbird, Feather, and one with some pearls (I can't find the name).
What I love about these jewelries is that they are made in positivity and have a meaning.                  

I can't wait to grow my collection with more rings and bangles. 
What about you guys, do you have some and which ones?

See you,
J-C Lynn