lundi 26 mai 2014

* Alex and Ani *

Hi guys,

Last Christmas, I've received two gold bangles Alex and Ani. I've never been a big jewelry person, so when I got then I didn't really care for them. They were really cute but I was just not into them, but one thing hit me. 
On the box you could read " Made in America With Love ", so by curiosity I went and checked their site. I began to read " the story " of company and I felt in love.
So when my Mom went to the US for two weeks, I couldn't resist to ask her to bring me some back and she did (what a lovely Mommy), a silver ring & bangle and a gold bangle. 

As of now I have :
- a ring : Illumination
- 4 bangles : Blue zircon (I'm born in December), Hummingbird, Feather, and one with some pearls (I can't find the name).
What I love about these jewelries is that they are made in positivity and have a meaning.                  

I can't wait to grow my collection with more rings and bangles. 
What about you guys, do you have some and which ones?

See you,
J-C Lynn