vendredi 1 août 2014

* Wish list #3 *

A new month, a new wish list :)

Fashion wise, here what I would like.

1. NewLook black kimono - 2. Wildfox Letterman jumper - 3. NewLook jelly scandals.
1. A nice black kimono from NewLook, I think it's just so classy and it goes with pretty much everything - 2. I've had my eyes on this Letterman Wildfox jumper for months but my wallet doesn't really want to follow - 3. These days, I've been obsessed with jelly scandals, as you can see I have my eyes on those who are from NewLook.

Beauty wise, I'm keeping it simple.
4. Catrice mate shadow palette - 5. Catrice eyebrow mascara - 6.  Solide argan oil from The Body Shop.
4. Catrice just put out this mate shadow palette. It's just what I need - 5. They also put out this eyebrow mascara that I would love to put my hands on it - 6. And to end, The Body Shop just put out new Argan oil products, I would love to try some and see what it can do on my damaged hair.

I'm also looking for a heat protector spray for color hair. Do you have any recommendation?

Have a nice weekend,
J-C Lynn