lundi 28 juillet 2014

* Hair routine *

From last September to December 2013, I had the chance to study in Denmark. 
It meant, I had the pleasure to be able to try a product, that I can't find here in Belgium.
As I was leaving there for 4 months, I didn't bring a huge amount of everything, especially when it came to beauty and hair products as I could buy them there. 

One day, my shampoo went out and I had to buy some.
I spotted the brand Aussie, which I've heard good review, and jumped on it and bought it.
My hair was colored (and still is), so I choose to use the " Colour Mate Shampoo ". Of course, I couldn't stop just with the shampoo, so I got the " Colour Mate Conditioner " and the " 3 Minute Miracle Colour Deep Treatment ".

What they say about these products:
- Shampoo: " Our unique formula, with Australian Wild Peach extract, smoothly cleanses to help protect colored hair from chemical damage and to  keep your colored hair looking vibrant."
Conditioner: "Our unique formula, with Australian Wild Peach, extract, smoothly conditions the hair, leaving it with radiant shine and vitality."
- Deep Treatment: " Our unique formula, with Australian Wild Peach extract, is an amazing concoction that takes only 3 minutes to help revitalize dry dull hair for vibrant, luscious yummies."
What I think:
First of all, the whole line smell so good and peachy! I love it. Iseriously invite you to go in your shower and wash your hair! Usually, I try to wash and condition my hair every 3 days and once a week I would use the deep treatment. For my hair, they do their job. I have nothing bad to say about them. I love them. They make my hair smell wonderful, make them smooth and keep my colour vibrant

I'm not using them now because I bought a new shampoo a couple weeks ago, and I don't like to mix my hair routine. So once I finish the shampoo I'm using, I'm going back to them because I don't love what I'm using but I bought it so I need to finish it.

Have you ever tried product from Aussie? Do you love it as much as I do?

Take care,
J-C Lynn

If you are interesting in buying Aussie's products and you can't find them where you live. I recommend you to check this site. I've used it more then once and never had problem: