vendredi 11 juillet 2014

* Relaxing bath *

I don’t know about guys, but here in Belgium, the weather has been poorly for a couple days. It really looks like it’s autumn and I think the sun has decided to go on holiday. Hopefully for us, not too long please.
Meanwhile, when the weather is bad, I like to cheer me up with a bath at night after a long and crappy day.

Here are the products I use, The Palmolive Naturals: Bain Moussant to put in my bath. This bubble bath is rich in vitamins and proteins, it leaves the skin smooth and soft. It moisturizes the skin perfectly.
I also find these little oil bath balls so I thought I would use them. 

I think bath time is the best time to do a face mask as you are just laying in the water. I've been testing the Freeman Facial Clay Mask: Chocolate & Strawberry. I don't want to say that much about it because I would like to do a special post on it, but all I'm going to say is that I'm quite impressed with it.
I also like to treat myself with a nice hot drink. This time, I went for a hot chocolate with hazelnuts syrup from Starbucks which is delicious.
Once all is prepared, I light up candles and go in the bath. 

Hope you enjoyed it!
J-C Lynn