jeudi 19 juin 2014

* 25 things to do this SuMmEr *

Hi everyone,

First of all I would like to say sorry for being a little bit off but I had my finals … But the good news is that I'm finished for now. I still have my bachelor paper to write than I'm finished.

Today, I was wondering on the internet and stopped at a video of pointlessblog a UK youtuber (nothing to do with beauty) where he had decided to write a list of 25 things to do this summer and capture them. I thought this idea was genius, so I did mine. 
Oh excuse me for my " * " these are my " secret " things to do!

1) Be more positive. 
2) *
3) *
4) Write my TFE (bachelor paper).
5) Have my diploma in September.
6) Play guitar as much as I can.
7) Do more sport.
9) Go to the seaside.
10) Go to Pairi Daiza.

11) Do the descente de la Lesse.
12) Go to Walibi.
13) Do a lot of fun stuff 14) Write more on my blog.
15) Play at win for life (and win^^).
16) Go out of this house.
17) See more my friends.
18) Have fun all summer long.
19) Highlight my hair.
20) Pass my written driving test and pass it.

21) Learn to drive.
22) Buy a car.
23) Go see my Philou 

24) Think more about me 

I will tell you at the end off the summer what I did, and try to capture them on picture and share them with you guys.
What about you guys? If you had to do a list for this summer what would it? 

See you,
J-C Lynn