lundi 23 juin 2014

* Best Kept Secrets *

Hi everyone,

I'm back today with a new post … about candles! 

Last year, in April, I went to London with 4 of my best friends. I already went a couple times but I always find somewhere new where I've never been. 
This time, I discovered Camden Town, and I loved it. I can go on and on, on this little piece of London but it's not the subject of my article (but if you have the chance GO SEE IT !!!).
While I was wondering in the market, I spotted a little stand selling candles. The brand is called " Best Kept Secrets ", it's an English company who makes handmade scented candles. They offer different products such as candle tins, natural candles, 4 wick candles, super seven, Christmas candles, rattan reed diffusers, occasion candles and three lite.
haven't tried everything but from what I have tried, I"ve never smell something more natural and smelling that good. 
My favorite is the " Freshy Baked Shortbread ", it smells exactly like it's called. I also ordered last Christmas a super seven in the " Indulgent Collection : mocha, saffron, gingerbread, cinnamon, apple tart, shortbread and hot chocolate " and still have 3 of them to burn. And one of my lovely cousin went to London last month and she brought me a small size mango & papaya. Their prices are also not too bad and they ship worldwide (at least in Belgium I'm sure).

If you have to chance to go to London, I truly recommend you to go to Camden town and find their little stand.

Have you ever tried this brand?

See you next time,
J-C Lynn

Go and see their products :